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Reene Romano

193 West Pelham Road

Shutesbury, Ma. 01072

October, 2005




Dear Madam or Sir:


I am honored and to write this letter of recommendation for Robert Lord.  I have known and worked with Mr. Lord for fifteen years at Amherst Regional Middle School.  We worked for five years on the same integrated seventh grade team.


Rob is an experienced and consummate professional.  He is a skillful math teacher who is very knowledgeable about math concepts and pedagogy.  He employed a cadre of teaching strategies to address all studentsŐ learning styles, special needs and cognitive developmental levels. 


Mr. Lord has experience working on teams of teachers and carries more than his share of work for the team and school. He readily adjusts his math lessons to accommodate integrated team studies.  He had attended many curriculum based training courses to expand his knowledge base.  He was an asset to his team with his many contributions and insights about teaching and students.


His contributions extend beyond the classroom as well.  He designed and implemented a Recycling Program for ARMS. His greatest contribution was the ARMS Arboretum.  Rob was responsible for all aspects of the arboretum.  He found financing; researched and acquired many unique trees; organized the planting and maintenance of the arboretum; and developed curriculum to be used with the arboretum.  The arboretum has provided an ideal site for multi-disciplinary utilization.




Although Mr. Lord has accumulated a wealth of knowledge, teaching techniques and skills, his greatest strength is his love of students.  He was able to maintain a well managed, productive, but lively, classroom and always went out of his way to accommodate and help every student.


Mr. Lord will bring a wealth of experience, innovative ideas and energy to any school for which he works.  It will certainly be their gain and our loss.  As a personal friend and colleague, I miss him.








Reene Romano