Country Photos

Rio Paraguay
In my barrio of Trinidad, a few miles outside the capital of Asuncion, Paraguay, this family was selling from their cart mandioca root, a staple of their diet.
Inca stone
In the ancient streets of Cusco, Peru, walls made of stone carved by Inca masons fit perfectly together without mortar. The small protrusions and beveled edges allow the sun they worshipped to create shadows that change with the day. 1979
In the small villages on the Chaco road in northwest Paraguay during the festivals of saints, people profess their faith by walking over hot coals. 1980
Taxi Nepal
In the streets of Katmandu young men wait for hire. The streets are stone or dirt and the effort great to ply their way through crowded markets. 1983
The only train left behind by the colonials still manages to slowly run between the capital of Asuncion and Conception, Paraguay. It dates from the late 1800's. It is easy to board while it passes by. 1981
Vegetable stall.
In the central squares of each quarter in Katmandu, Nepal you will find the sellers of fruits and vegetables, perhaps a deity or two. 1983
In the ally ways of Bangkok. The early morning light makes shadows bring out a more profound impact of form. 1983
Washing Day.
Walking through the everyday life of the people in Katmandu, Nepal. A young woman with her family bathe and wash their clothes . 1983
Infra Red
On the road to Arequa, Paraguay on a hot afterrnoon, the stone road and dense jungle radiate heat of the day. 1981
In the plaza central in Santiago, Chile a woman awaits her next opportunity to photograph a tourist with her old tripod camera. 1980
On the rim.
Coming to the rim as one enters La Paz, Bolivia by train, the city lies deep in the Andean Mountains in a bowl at 12,000 feet. 1979
Salto de Quaira.
On the Brazilian-Paraguanian border, the Parana river plunged through a series of seven enormous falls, some called the "Devil's Throat". All these falls have since vanished beneath the water held by Itaipu Dam.
On the Coast of Brazil lie many small fishing villages that have strong European flavor and have seen brighter economic days. 1981
On the water front in the capital city of Asuncion, Paraguay you will see vehicles that defy the laws of physics. Here a delivery truck somehow balances it's load and moves on ancient gears.
In a fish market between Osaka and Kobe,on the inland sea of Japan. If it swims there is a way to make it delicious. If it flies too, then you are in for a treat.
Science Class
The American School of Asuncion 1979. My first year of teaching and my biggest year of learning.
Saki drums
In the glow of a street sign, giant casks of Saki are stacked up along the side of the road at the gates of a Shrine as gifts. 1983
A grand Master of Sumo also know as "The Wolf" , prepares himself for a match having first purified the ring with a toss of a fistful of salt. 1984
Bridge to ?
Walking from Villarica in southern Chile along the tracks headed to Puertomont, the last town accessable by either road or rail with 1,000 miles to go to get to Punt Arenas on the Straits of Magella. 1984
Kyoto, Japan
Touring the city of Temple it is a usual sight to see large homogeneous groups enjoying as one the pleasures they see.
Valpariso, Chile
In 1979 Chile was still quite tense from political upheavals. The 'air' in the streets was noticibly controlled. The sounds of a blind musician playing the blues on a rainy day seemed to say it all.
Jesuit Ruins
Before Spain's Monarchy knew what was happening the Jesuits had built communities far in the interior of South America. With the agrarian social fabric, they transformed the lives of the indigenous people. Some settlements held 20,000 people. Paraguay 1980
Astride the Prime Meridian with my science class from The American School of London,1992.