Computer Experience

Thirty years ago my first computer was an Apple 2e. I had used a Tandy TRS-80 at work and had started writing in Basic to create my teacher's grading program. It worked but I knew there had to be a better way. Apple 2e and a program "Grade book Plus" , though pre-mouse era, opened up higher expectations for what a computer could do. And though I have worked in a number of school systems on different computer operating systems, I prefer Mac .

From building and teaching the use of spreadsheets in my math classes and in the organization of the data collected in the Arboretum Project, to constructing web page sites and slide shows for my classroom, I feel comfortable in the e-world. In the field of education, especially in the maths and Sciences, computer knowledge is essential. 

All of the pages of this website were either first created on Claris Homepage and then converted to or created in NVU. All of the photo images were scanned and converted to JPQ format. My " Mr. Lord's Classroom" site was created over the last 18 years and as I have left teaching math for the time being, I have not kept up with editing the links. However, there are many resources for a wide variety of interests to explore. My side business, "LordWoodcraft" stems from my Masters in Furniture making which is almost complete and along with canoe building making a website for these endeavors was essential. 

I have converted thousands of 35mm photos, slides and negative film, taken over the years into preserved scanned images. Converted  VHS to DVD, digitalized audio files, and worked with point to point yagi transmission of data; in a nutshell, I love to learn what is necessary to further my interests. I find a computer a great tool, not an end in itself. Tools, no matter what the kind, help in bringing out of ones mind a solution to a problem, a fix. This, in no matter what venue, I enjoy doing.

It was in that spirit I jumped into the Tech Coordinators' position for a Macintosh computer based elementary school this last June of 2010. I spent a week at "Business Rules", a certified Apple Education center, learning Server Management for the OS 10.6. When I returned to the job I was faced with a monumental task of rebuilding a system that had been unattended for 18 months and prior to that had not been managed well, indeed there had been 'history' of disgruntled technologists and the result was a mess. This was a half time position which demanded nearly fulltime attention. What was completed in 12 months was the complete reorganization of the school's system, management, hardware and library data housing. This task was completed with the extensive help from a Mac service technologist. The learning curve was steep and the areas with which I had oversight were diverse, I wore many hats. From rebuilding UPS units to problem solving Promethean board malfunctions, it was a stressful but rewarding time. I told the administration that though I thought the job was at least double the time of a half time position, I would stay until the task was completed and the system running smoothly for it's educational purpose. At the end of the school year, I completed my obligation and was unable to convince the administration of my concerns about time and supervision; and so I 'took my hat' with regret. 

I believe it is best to be happy at what one does whenever possible and this was, in all likelihood not possible under the circumstances and so I decided to look for a new challenge.